Why we created this website ?

Well gay or bi dating in Ghana is not always safe for foreigners, tourists, expats or even Ghanaians. Some get robbed, others blackmailed or even beaten. So we want to create a safe platform where tourist, businessmen, expats, … but also Ghanaian  gay bi men can find a date with a local guy without having to worry about their safety.  

How do we do that ?

Very easy. All the local guys are checked and vetted by us and stay in contact with us, before and during the date, so we know they and their date are safe. After the date we even check if everything went fine and we hope a new friendship was created and maybe can last forever.

The only thing you have to do is to send us what you’re looking for.
We have an extended list of trustworthy guys who are willing to date men. We vetted them and know their identity. This all is very important to guarantee your safety. What you do in private is not of our business. We only have an age limit, so no requests for underage (- 18 years old) boys please.

How to get in contact with your date ?

For privacy and safety reasons we use a European WhatsApp account. Also, all information is temporarily stored in Europe and not in Ghana. After the date the info you have send us will be deleted. This means every time you want to use our services you have to send us your info.

You can add our number to your WhatsApp account and get in contact with us. Send us your desires/wishes, like the maximum age of the boy or man you’re looking for, if he should be top, bottom or versatile and if you like your date to be masculine or boyish, … . We will try to help you to find a safe and fitting guy.

Our WhatsApp number:

+32 497 27 79 01

One last thing !

Be aware of the fact that most of the guys don t earn a lot of money, so at least pay their transport costs when dating. Additionally we ask a servicefee of 400 Ghana cedis. You pay that to your date the moment you meet him. This fee is to cover our costs to keep you safe.
Be always respectful. All guys are nice and well educated, so treat them like you wanted to be treated.

Hope we can establish a safer interaction between local gay and bi men and foreigners who visit this very beautiful and amazing country. Please inform well about the Ghanaian laws concerning same sex intercourse. We’re not responsible for any violation of the Ghanaian laws or for acts by the men you date through our services.

Have a nice and safe date !